Silver Phoenix Resources Inc.

Silver Phoenix Resources Inc. is a Project Generator. The company’s goals are to acquire properties of merit in safe jurisdictions that can be improved on and to secure partners with the expertise to develop them to production. Our objective is to retain an interest that could be sold for cash and retain a royalty – resulting in minimized share dilution for shareholders.​


Silver Phoenix is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange “CSE” under the symbol SP

​Shares outstanding: 7,735,560

  • Investment Highlights
  • Safe jurisdictions
  • BC is pro mining
  • SP has limited shares
  • Multiple opportunities
  • Project Generator model minimizes share dilution


The estimated silver mined in all of history is about 47 billion ounces. [32150 ounces in a ton], Sterling silver is 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper. A cubic foot of silver weighs 656 pounds., Most silver [75-80%] comes as a byproduct from other mines as there are very few pure silver mines in the world., It was silver that killed the virus that caused blindness in generations of children at birth., Peru Mexico and Australia are the largest producers of silver., Main uses are photography electrical alloys and solders jewellery and coins chemical and the medical industry., The regeneration of lost skin is being accomplished by the use of silver treatment., Burn victims benefit from the use of Silver in bandages and spray which kill bacteria., Surgically silver is a vital ingredient in bone cements.

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Silver Phoenix is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange “CSE “ and the symbol is SP.

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Roxann MurrayCFO

Ms. Murray has 23 years experience in the insurance industry in British Columbia. She has worked as a Commercial Insurance Broker for 21 years. Ms. Murray has her CAIB Level 2 License, with her background in Heavy Equipment in the Logging Industry.

William J. MurrayPresident and CEO

Mr. Murray is also the president of Alaska Ventures Inc., a private exploration company incorporated in BC, which holds various properties in Alaska. He has been involved in the mining for the last 20 years as a researcher and prospector. His background is in heavy construction and as a self employed building contractor.

Leland R. VollDirector

Mr. Voll received his Automotive Technicians Degree at the Okanagan College in 1979. His position consists of supervising, training and co-ordinating courses for employees. He takes an active part in teaching and leadership roles within his community. Mr. Voll resides in Wainwright Alberta.

Wesley A. PomeroyDirector

Mr. Pomeroy was appointed to the Board of Directors of Metalline Mining Company in September 2005. Mr. Pomeroy is currently President of The Joe Dandy Mining Company, which has had gold properties in Cripple Creek, Colorado since 1887. He is a member of the Front Range Oil and Gas LLC and the POMOCO LLC (Pomeroy Oil Company). He is also currently a consulting geologist with Vortex Petroleum Inc. and has been associated since 1977 with various exploration and oil and gas companies. Also since 1977, Mr. Pomeroy has been a member in good standing of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the rocky Mountain Association of Geologists. Mr. Pomeroy received a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Colorado State University in 1977 and an MBA from the University of Colorado in 1990. Mr. Pomeroy is a registered Professional Geologist for the State of Wyoming. He resides in the Denver, Colorado area.

David J. LajackDirector

David J. Lajack is also a director of Andover Ventures, a TSX listed company. Mr. Lajack has a B.Sc from Central Michigan University and has worked in lode mineral exploration since the early 1980's. In 1985 he founded a successful prospecting syndicate (Lajack and Associates), which still has active properties in Alaska. Mr. Lajack is a founding member and President of Royal Pretoria Gold Ltd., a private exploration company, incorporated in Alaska in August 2000. Mr. Lajack has worked as a consultant in the industry and has co-authored published papers in geology and geochemistry.

Silver-based purification systems are effective in disinfecting water which are becoming increasingly common for home use., The catalytic action of silver provides a powerful sanitizer virtually eliminating the need for chlorine in swimming pools., An ounce of silver packs enough image making power to manufacture 5000 colour photographs., One out of every seven pairs of prescription eyeglasses sold in the U.S. incorporates silver., Silver is used in preserving wood products in playground equipment. [not harmful], The higher end windows have a double layer of silver which reflects away almost 95% of the hot rays of the sun., Silver is being used in clothing such as socks underwear and shirts to kill bacteria. [stops fungus growth B.O.], Hospitals are now experimenting with putting silver threads in bedding and hospital gowns to kill bacteria., Silver is used in linings of high end washing machines and refrigerators., The demands of modern technology have revealed the remarkable range of electrical mechanical optical and medicinal properties that have placed silver as the key metal in many applications.

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Bill Murray

Silver is the best electrical conductor of all the metals., The silver battery provides the higher voltages and long life required for quartz watches., Inside switches silver contacts turn on and off the powerful electric current that flows into our homes., It is silver under the keys of computer keyboards automobile dashboards and the control panels of washing machines and microwave ovens., Due to such a long period of low prices of silver there has been a decrease in silver substitution research., In 1792 U.S. Secretary of the Treasury proposed the adoption of a gold and silver based monetary system., The dollar struck by the US was 371.25 grains of silver 480 grains equals 1 ounce., Silver remained in circulating U.S. coins until the supply of silver could not meet the demand for coins and the face value of the coin fell below it's bullion or meltdown value., The U.S. government eliminated silver from quarters and dimes in 1965 and half dollars were reduced to 40%. Mexico is the only country currently using silver in it's circulating coinage., In 1942 the US government had 5.9 billion ounces of silver today they have to go to the market to get silver for their coin program., ​The historical ratio for gold and silver is about 15 to 1. Today June 26 2014 it is about 62.5 to 1 in the future it will go to 1-1., The reason why silver will go to 1-1 is that it is consumed and in most applications it is not recoverable., In the early 1970’s a barrel of oil and 1 ounce of silver cost about the same. Today June 26 2014 it takes 5 ounces of silver to buy 1 barrel of oil., In the last 70 years we have used all the above ground stockpile of silver [about 10 billion ounces in 1942] plus all that has been mined since., The U.S. Geological Survey data indicates the below ground silver yet to be mined is less [in terms of years of supply] than any other industrial or precious metal.
Silver values are near their lows in history and the reserves at there lowest and cost of production at it's highest., In Jan.18 1980 silver went as high as $50.35 in to-days money adjusting for inflation that would be over $140.00., In 1900 all the above ground gold was worth 2.5 times all the above ground silver in dollar value., In 2014 all the above ground gold is worth 12 times all the above ground silver. This shows you how undervalued and rare silver is becoming in regards to gold., ​The reason is we consume silver and store gold. Silver Maple Leafs can be saved tax free., In 1964 I could buy a gallon of gas for 50 cents. Today I can buy about 2 gallons of gas with the same 50 cents. The reason is that the 50 cents was silver., Even with the manipulation of the price of silver it still maintains its purchasing power. [Real money], ​If a yard stick lost inches like a dollar loses it's purchasing power would anyone use if for a unit of measurement., Production in 2011 was 1046 million ounces. 74% of all silver has been mined since 1900., ​One thing that remains constant is labour a roman soldier was paid 1/10th of an ounce of silver per day., If min. wages are $10.00 per hour a 10 hour day would make silver worth $100.00 per ounce., in the near term 1 ounce of silver will be worth 10 hours labour in the future 1 ounce will be worth over 100 hours labour.

Silver Phoenix Resources Inc.
4631 75th Ave. N. E.
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S... Sacred worthy of respect
I.... Ideal, a standard of perfection
L... Liberty, to own silver gives you freedom
V... Value is what it holds
E... Expensive is what it will become
R... Rare is what it is becoming